Pain Healing Testimonial 


Hi, my name is Sharon,

I have been suffering for a while with intermittent pain in my right side. My GP sent me for a scan as he suspected it may be an ovarian cyst, but this was not the case. I have suffered with IBS in the past so this was another possibility. I was getting worried as the pain started coming every day and I was due to go away for a week. I did not want the pain to spoil my time away.

I contacted Joanne Brocas to ask if she could give me a distant spiritual healing for the pain I was in. Joanne is a very special lady and one of the most warm, friendly people that I have the pleasure of knowing. She is kind, empathic, hardworking and gifted.

Within 24 hours of receiving the healing from Joanne, I noticed the pain had subsided, gone, and has not returned since.

Joanne told me she had cleared a lot of energetic stress and emotional interference which she believed had led to the problem with this pain. Everything she mentioned was accurate. I had not told her that I was stressed or encountering any of the other emotions she correctly described. Since receiving the distance spiritual healing I feel less stressed as well as being pain free.

Thank you so much Joanne for all your help,

Sharon Clegg

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