Pain & Inflammation

Pain & Inflammation from an Energy Perspective


When the body is in some form of physical pain you can be sure that there is also some kind of unresolved emotional issue directly behind it, giving it enough energetic fuel to ensure the pain message is delivered to the person’s conscious awareness loud and clear. Most of the time people will only search for a physical reason and cause for their pain. Even with injury or accident they assume only a physical influence has occurred. The truth is that we are multidimensional beings of body, mind, emotions and spirit, and when one aspect of us is out of synch and balance, then it will also affect all other parts of our total nature.


Most Dominant Emotions that are Connected to Pain

  • Guilt: If guilt is left unresolved it is one sure emotion that can cause, contribute or interfere with physical pain.
  • Temporary fear: This kind of fear is typically irrational and can play on the mind throughout the day. It can also be the contributing factor to manifesting pain within a certain area of the body.
  • Anger/Criticism: Anger, if left to fester, can also erupt as some kind of physical pain and inflammation, as well as interfering with a person’s blood pressure. Criticism often inflames the body’s joints and interferes with the condition Arthritis.
  • Overwhelmed: When a person is overwhelmed emotionally and they are unable to deal with their emotions or to overcome them and return back to a more balanced state, then two things are likely to happen. The first is that they will likely experience problems with insomnia, and the second is that they may experience some kind of physical pain.


Pain Makes You Take Notice

If you are in any kind of physical pain, then the intuitive message the body is attempting to tell you is that you need to pay careful attention to some aspect of your life that is currently out of balance and harmony.

  • What kind of harmony do your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and habits have?
  • What kind of harmony do you have with your childhood memories?
  • What kind of harmony do your relationships have?
  • What kind of harmony do you have with your environment?
  • What kind of harmony do you have in your career?
  • What kind of harmony do you have with your soul?
  • What kind of harmony do you have with your finances?
  • What kind of harmony do you have with your own physical body’s needs?

You get the picture? Carefully examine and go within to contemplate where in your life you are no longer at peace? What no longer serves you? What no longer feeds the radiant joy of your soul? What are you ready to let go of, resolve and change? It is time to live your truth!

Here is a spiritual healing exercise and prayer for you to use to help you transform the pain and move into greater energetic harmony. The exercise will work at clearing even deeper levels of energetic resistance if you are also able to go within and take notice of the intuitive message your soul is attempting to tell you. You can then begin to take some positive steps to bring about more harmony into your daily life experience, health and well-being.


Transforming the Pain

Video exercise/prayer coming soon!

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