Pet Energy Clearing

Animals also have an energetic anatomy that include chakras, energy fields and an aura. Just like humans they also have the same organ systems, yet they don’t have an appendix like the human body does.

When pets get sick with a variety of health issues, then an energy clearing treatment can help to bring the energetic anatomy into greater balance so that the innate intelligence of their body has the creative power required to rebalance itself and move towards a healing.

Dogs and cats often absorb their owners stress and this can disturb their vitality as well as the overall equilibrium of their overall systems. They are often able to transmute the energetic disturbances yet if their systems are overloaded with congestion then it’s more difficult for them to do so as it requires a certain amount of energetic power. Prayers, and energy clearing/healing techniques can help to clear the pet’s energetic anatomy to support the pet’s body and system to move back into balance. 

When their owners are sick with an illness or disease of some kind, then pets can also develop symptoms that mimic the illness. Psychic aches and pains can also manifest in the pets bodies as they become an energetic mirror for their owners aches and pains. We are all affected by other people’s energies to different degrees and pets are the same.

A balanced system is able to transmute and transform these energies or even shake them off so to speak. When the overall system is way of balance, then vitality depletes and congestion accumulates. Veterinarian assistance is often required to deal with the health problems. 

In my book, Clear Spirit, the life changing power of energy clearing, I mention the story of a wonderful dog who was diagnosed by the Vet as having meningitis. His energy was extremely low and congested and he was very sick. His owner contacted me for an emergency appointment for her beloved dog. Within 24, hours of the energy clearing treatment the dog made a remarkable recovery. His energy systems became coherent and his vital energy increased. 

Through my 30+ years of doing energy clearing/healing treatments for pets, people, children and for the home/business and work environments, I’ve come to understand the great importance of doing the best we can to keep our mind/body/energy systems in general balance. In doing so, we are also able to face and address whatever comes our way in life, the challenges, pitfalls, traumas and disappointments, so that they do not suck the life force right out of us and weigh heavily upon our body, mind and soul.  


Dog Anatomy

At a physiological and anatomical level animals and humans are remarkably similar. Animals have the same organs and organ systems which perform the same functions. This means that nearly 90% of the veterinary medicines that are used to treat animals are the same as or similar to those developed to treat humans. Animals also have energy centers/chakras. 

Check out the image to the side showing a dog’s chakra system.

Dog Trauma

Sometimes a new puppy will have problems settling into a new household due to any early trauma that they’ve either experienced themselves or due to their mother’s traumatic experiences that the puppy absorbed prior to their birth. This trauma affects their nervous system and the puppy can become hyperactive or supersensitive with anxiety issues about being left alone. 

Sometimes dogs experience traumatic injuries that cause shock energy to be logged within their body as well as the emotional stress and fear energy that they experienced at that time. Physical injury to a body part, organ, their spine or system can produce the same pain and inflammation and physical symptoms that human’s experience.

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Joanne Brocas
Author: Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Best-selling Author

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