Sensory Clearing Prayer

Are you feeling frazzled? Having trouble sleeping? Can’t switch your mind off? Are you foggy minded? Are you overwhelmed and stressed out? Are your senses so overly heightened that you find yourself being easily emotionally triggered? If so, a sensory clearing and balancing prayer can help you to take charge of your energy system and nerves.

Our nervous system can become overwhelmed from an accumulation of different noises, frequencies, images, and mental stimulation from too much mental and visual focus, concentration, over studying and over analyzing. 

The sensory clearing and balancing prayer can help to restore harmony and balance back to your nerves and to your mind/body system. Energy clearing and balancing prayers work because of your “clear intent” and because of the cosmic truth that “energy follows thought.” You have the creative ability to make energetic changes/transformations and shifts through utilizing your Soul’s creative power which goes straight to work on your specific issue.

I Always Begin with a Prayer for Divine Support

I always begin with a prayer for energetic protection and support and its always worked well for me when working on myself and others.

When you begin with a prayer prior to making any energetic shifts, then you are instigating conscious co-creation with Divinity to help you with your specific concerns. You will be expanding your consciousness to receive higher guidance if needed, plus you will be allowing universal intelligence to aid you. When stating “for my greatest and highest good,” you are helping to prevent any unnecessary changes to be made. You can either use the prayer petition that I myself use or just adapt it to suit your personal belief system.

“I ask for Divine Light protection within and around me and for Divine healing support to assist me with my energy clearing and balancing treatment in harmony with my greatest and highest good. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”

Sensory Clearing/Balancing Treatment

You can make these energetic shifts in the following sensory clearing/balancing prayer with or without the use of a pendulum: 

If you do not wish to use a pendulum – which simply helps you to focus, direct and empower your mental intent through the vortex of energy it creates while it’s spinning, then you can use your creative mind to visualize yourself being completely bathed in the emerald green healing light. It is whatever works best for you as there are many wonderful ways to support your energy clearing and healing prayers. I use both of these ways among many other creative visualizations and have found them to be extraordinarily beneficial, which is why I’m offering you the exact protocols that work great for me.

“I ask to be blessed with the emerald green healing light to restore harmony and balance back to my mind, my emotions, my body, my soul, my aura, and my consciousness. Especially to clear and balance my nervous system, my brain chemistry, my third eye chakra, my pineal gland, and my adrenal glands of any imbalances and interference due to sensory overload. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”

If using my pendulum for the above prayer treatment, then mine will move in the balancing/blessing mode of a clockwise direction (see below), and will then return to the neutral balanced position once the energy shifts have taken place. The reason it doesn’t move in the “clearing/removing mode” when I mentioned the “especially to clear part,” is because the energy was already being cleared through the blessing process. If your pendulum moves in a different direction for you, then that’s what may be just right for you so don’t overthink it. If you do want to change the directions, then you can simply re-program the pendulum movements as given below. You just move the pendulum yourself in each specific movement while stating aloud what each movement is for.

My pendulum will move in three specific directions for a variety of different energy clearing and balancing prayers: 

  1. Neutral/Balanced – swings in a straight line back and forth – moving away from you and back towards you.
  2. Clearing/Removing Mode – swings in a counterclockwise direction – moving left.
  3. Balancing/Blessing Mode – swings in a clockwise direction – moving right.


How to Use the Pendulum to Check What Needs Adjusting!

To go deeper into the energy clearing and balancing prayer treatment, then you can use your pendulum to work with each specific issue individually. For example: While holding and swinging your pendulum in the neutral position you say the following words out loud and then you will notice its energetic response: If it is in balance it will continue to swing back and forth. If it needs clearing then it will swing counterclockwise. If it needs to be brought back into balance then it will swing clockwise. This takes seconds for each statement.
Say: my nervous system – which way does it move? If it’s neutral then it’s in balance so just move on to the next. If not, wait till it either clears or balances and then move on to the next.
Say: my pineal gland
Say: my brain chemistry………..etc. Until you’ve covered each item within the prayer.

Archangel Raphael & the Nervous System

Archangel Raphael is aligned with the emerald green cosmic frequency of Creation. This is the healing frequency of Balance. In asking for the emerald green frequency to help you with any specific healing needs, then you will gain energetic access to the emerald green light to help restore energetic balance where needed. The emerald green light is streamed directly into your aura and consciousness and connects to you through the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra also connects with the pineal gland and with the body’s brain and nervous system. Asking to receive the emerald green healing light can therefore help you to calm your nerves, balance your brain chemistry and hemispheres, and will address any specific imbalances that you’ve specifically asked for help with.

The Seven Divine Light Frequencies of Creation

Angels are benevolent Light Beings that embody one of the Divine Light Frequencies of Creation. Archangel Raphael embodies the powerful healing and balancing cosmic frequency that emits an emerald green Light. This miracle healing frequency can enter into our nervous system through our aura and consciousness and into our physical body via our third eye chakra and pineal gland to help clear and balance our energy, calm our nerves, and bring our body/mind/soul energies back into greater energetic balance.

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