Sensory Clearing Prayer

New Angel Prayer with Archangel Raphael


In communication with the Angels, I received an answer to co-create the following prayer 🙏 to help ease and clear fear and heightened senses that trigger emotional reactions.

“I ask the Light of Archangel Raphael to please clear my sensory system of energetic overload and nervous tension due to having a restless mind of over analyzing, from absorbing others people’s low-vibe energies, and from accumulating excess noise that triggers my defenses. Transform this energy into peace and restore my overall soul balance. Thank you, God, thank you, Archangel Raphael. Amen. It is done!

Joanne Brocas is a world-renowned healer, intuitive and the number one bestselling author of Angel Prayers. Visit Joanne’s website to find out more about Joanne, and her online classes, courses, video prayers, books and appointments. Joanne’s spiritual purpose is to help people to co-create with the Light, and to expand their unlimited creative potential so that they may heal in all their ways. Joanne Brocas.com


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