New Soul Light Intuitive Readings

Joanne is excited to announce her brand new Soul Light Intuitive Reading Service.


Joanne will use her spiritual knowledge, insight, energy testing and dowsing expertise to help discern imbalances within your own Soul’s Light, in harmony with your greatest and highest good. Read on to discover what a Soul Light Intuitive Reading personally offers you.


Soul Light Intuitive Reading Service


Joanne will provide an overall intuitive reading on the following aspects of your life. Joanne will spiritually and energetically discern the causative factors that cause current imbalances within your life patterns for you, as well as giving you relevant guidance about how you can best help to rebalance any disharmony:


  • Your Health & Vitality
  • Relationship Harmony
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Equilibrium
  • Soul’s Talents/Creativity


You will also get a chance to ask a few questions that you want Joanne to check out for you. All communication is done via email, as this is a distance Soul Light Intuitive Reading that can benefit you in many ways.

Appointment for a Soul Light Intuitive Reading


Click on the payment box to your left to secure your Soul Light Intuitive Reading appointment. Once Joanne has received the PayPal notification, she will contact you to let you know when she will be doing your reading and with more information about it.

The reading is typically done within one week of the payment notification. Please allow one-two days for Joanne to reply to you after you have paid for your appointment. Please, also fill out the Soul Light Intuitive Reading form below. Thank you.

Appointment Form

Once Joanne has received your completed appointment form and payment, she will contact you with the day that you will receive your completed Soul Light Intuitive Reading. Joanne doesn’t need to speak to you in order to do your specific reading as it is a distance reading. You will find out more about your reading once Joanne has contacted you via email.

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