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To book a Spiritual Clearing with Joanne, please read through the information given on this page for you to know exactly what to expect. You will also find out about the amazing benefits of a having a regular monthly or more frequent Spiritual Clearing treatment.

Spiritual Clearing Appointments


Here you will discover the importance of a Spiritual Clearing, and how it can help to improve and bring greater harmony to your health, wellbeing, relationships, career, finances, creativity and life, in endless ways.


What to Expect from a Spiritual Clearing

What Joanne will do for you in your personal Spiritual Clearing appointment


A Spiritual Clearing, clears you of the adverse energetic effects of a variety of non-beneficial factors and forces that can interfere with the quality and balance of your energy levels, health, wellbeing, ability to receive, and your soul’s creative expression. You can think of it as having more Spiritual Freedom, as you will regain more of your own Soul’s Power and Vitality.


A Spiritual Clearing will help to clear you of the adverse energetic effects of:

  • Other people’s non-beneficial energies.
  • Non-beneficial energies contained within the atmosphere of your home, school or work environment.
  • Non-beneficial energies that are self-generated/created.
  • Non-beneficial energies that originate from the collective consciousness.
  • Non-beneficial energies that originate from technology.


Joanne will use her intuitive discernment to check your energy systems for:

  • Any attachments (earthbound spirits), and then clear and release them when necessary.
  • Spiritual interference of any kind, and then clear and deal with this when necessary.
  • Trauma energies/memories that you are ready to let go of at this time.


A spiritual clearing is of paramount importance in helping you to regain and maintain your vital balance by clearing an accumulation of non-beneficial energies that can originate from other people, from your own personal environment, (home, work, school, community), from technology, from geopathic stress, from mass consciousness, and from your own self-created and self generated mindset (fear energy, limiting thoughts, false beliefs, trauma energies that cause emotional imbalances, a negative attitude, and non-beneficial judgments of yourself, others, situations and experiences).


This accumulation of non-beneficial energies within your entire system disturbs the delicate chemical balance of your physical body – which leads to sickness, disease, and other health issues. It can cause you to be emotionally overwhelmed and imbalanced. It can make you fearful and negative minded. Plus, it causes resistance to your ability to receive, create and attract beneficial experiences and opportunities in all areas of your life.


Questions & Answers About Your Spiritual Clearing


Q: Do I have to phone or Skype Joanne for the Spiritual Clearing appointment?

A: As this is a distance Spiritual Clearing appointment, there is no need for Joanne to speak to you over the phone or via Skype. Communication is done via email.

Q: Do I need to know the exact time Joanne is doing the Spiritual Clearing, so I can relax, and is there anything else I should know or do?

A: There is no need for you to do anything to prepare for your Spiritual Clearing appointment on that particular day other than keeping yourself hydrated. The Spiritual Clearing will be received via your Higher-self and processed through your mind, body and soul at the most optimum time. It is not possible for Joanne to give you an exact time of day prior to doing your Spiritual Clearing, but you can find out later when it was done. However, please know that timing is not important – the actual Clearing is what counts!

Q: What will I feel and notice after I have received a Spiritual Clearing?

A: The results and tangible signs of you having a Spiritual Clearing can be anything from you experiencing major to minor improvements (see below for the benefits of having a Spiritual Clearing). However, it may be that you feel and notice no difference at all. In this case, subtle energetic changes will be taking place at a level of your Being that your conscious mind is unable to register. Beneficial changes and improvements can begin within hours of the Spiritual Clearing, and will continue to process for you over the coming days/weeks whether you are consciously aware of these or not.


The Benefits of You Having a Spiritual Clearing


You may notice a significant change as a result of you having a Spiritual Clearing. Something may immediately shift for you and will positively transform some aspect of your self, your health, and your life.

You can also begin to feel lighter and brighter about yourself, others, your circumstances, situations, and your past, present and future. This means that something you used to hold an emotional energetic charge around (trauma energies/memories) now begins to clear for you, and it no longer stresses you or triggers you in the same way it once did.

New ideas, insights and opportunities will often appear because you have released enough resistance to allow these to flow into your consciousness and enter into your life experience. Doors that were once closed for you can now begin to open as resistance and conflict is cleared away.

Increased energy levels, improved health, less aches and pains, greater clarity of mind, more inner peace, more joy, greater creativity, and better sleep patterns can all result from you having a Spiritual Clearing(s).


Clearing Resistance


If you don’t feel anything has shifted for you after your Spiritual Clearing, it doesn’t mean that nothing was spiritually and energetically cleared from you. It simply means that you are being cleared at a level of your consciousness that is yet to reach the conscious mind, physical body and life experience. Energy shifts will still be taking place for you. Spiritual Clearings, will always be beneficial for you and will continue to work at clearing many underlying issues of the timeless multidimensional human soul.

One Spiritual Clearing is only going to clear what your own Higher-Self knows you are ready and willing to let go of at this time. We have layers upon layers of resistance to the glorious expression of our authentic Spiritual Nature.

Resistance originates from the false beliefs and limiting thoughts we have accepted as being true for us due to what we have been taught from others (our heritage, culture and environment), as well as from any traumas we may have experienced. Resistance also comes from the more-subtle energies that include: spiritual interference, non-beneficial soul agreements, our ancestors’ inheritance (trauma energies and karma), and past life interference (trauma energies and karma).

Resistance shows up in your beliefs, thoughts, words, attitude, habits, behaviors, actions, judgments and perceptions – when they are not in harmony with: Love, Inner Peace and Joy. This resistance reflects the energetic state of your body’s health, and projects (creates) resistance within your life experiences.

To find out exactly where you are experiencing resistance, simply monitor how you really feel inside about every aspect of your life. Ask yourself: What brings you joy and what no longer fulfills you? What are you afraid of doing/being, so for safety you choose to stay where you are? Do you have any specific fears, worries and upsets in the present moment that you are ignoring in the hope that they will go away? How often are you emotionally triggered? Who or what are you unable to forgive? What is the quality of your health like? How is your ability to receive all the good that the Universe has to offer you? Is there resistance to you receiving? The point being, with careful self-examination, you will find out exactly where your soul is experiencing resistance. And this is only what you have become presently aware of.  There is always something to clear, and with each Spiritual Clearing you have, you will begin to feel more like your real self.

Energy shifts can therefore unfold more gradually for you instead of instantly when your soul is experiencing much resistance. With regular Spiritual Clearings, overtime, you will eventually turn around and look back to where you were initially when you first began to receive them, and you will realize that things are now so much more positively different for you.

Additional Spiritual Clearings

Additional Spiritual Clearings are an excellent way to keep your energies vital and strong!


Additional Spiritual Clearings can help to clear your energy systems of any new accumulated stress energies that you have absorbed and created since the previous Clearing you had. Each day we encounter many people’s energies, plus we visit different places where energies accumulate within the atmosphere, plus we have new experiences that can knock us off emotional balance. The adverse energetic effects of all this can be cleared from our body, mind and soul, to help prevent us from feeling weighed down, emotionally low, anxious and depressed.

You are a transmitter and receiver of energies – some of the energies you receive will be beneficial for you, and some won’t. If you have been extra stressed at work, within your home environment, in your relationships with others, and from any new worries you may have had on your mind since your previous Clearing, then you will have accumulated and created an array of non-beneficial energies that can begin to weigh you down spiritually, energetically and emotionally. This imbalance means that you can quickly become tired and drained, moody and low, overwhelmed, fearful, have headaches and sleep problems, and eventually, if the accumulation continues to build without being cleared, sickness and/or aches and pains can result.

When your energy systems (spiritual and energetic anatomy) are in a reasonable state of energetic balance, then your nervous system becomes calm but strong, and your immune system is wonderfully supported. Additional Spiritual Clearings are therefore an invaluable investment to your overall health and wellbeing. They also still continue to work on clearing any underlying issues that you are ready to let go of. The cost of medical insurance and healthcare is extreme. Looking after your energies can help to prevent the need for expensive tests and medications further on down the line.

Spiritual Clearings are invaluable for everyone, but especially so for energy workers, healers, therapists, psychics, mediums and trance mediums, who often can take on adverse energies from their clients/patients, and from the unseen realms.

As you begin to notice the beneficial results of having a Spiritual Clearing, you may want to book regular additional Spiritual Clearings to help keep your energies clear, vital and strong.


A Spiritual Clearing doesn’t address any specific health issues and if this is what you are looking for, then you need to visit the appointment page to book a Distance Spiritual Healing Treatment.


Book a Spiritual Clearing with Joanne


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Once Joanne has received confirmation of your payment (which includes your email address), she will email you to let you know when she will begin. Please do allow one to two days for her to respond.

The payment is for ONE Spiritual Clearing only. Additional Spiritual Clearings can be purchased weekly, every two weeks, or monthly depending on your needs and requirements.

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