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Here you will discover the importance of Spiritual Clearing, and how it can best help to support your health, wellbeing, career, relationships, finances, and daily life in endless ways.


You will also be able to book a spiritual clearing appointment with Joanne, directly from this page, whenever you feel ready for one. Monthly spiritual clearings are recommended in order to clear an accumulation of non-beneficial energies that you often absorb within your daily life experience. Clear energy means a clearer alignment with your Heart, Soul, Spirit and Source. 


The Importance of Spiritual Clearing


As an energetic being, you accumulate lots of energies. Some will be beneficial and others will not.


Through many timelines of existence you have accumulated many different limiting belief systems, karmic patterns, and unresolved emotional pain (trauma memories) that are carried over in your Soul’s DNA, and via your Ancestor’s genetic lineage (Physical Body DNA).

You also have to contend with the experiences and trauma memories from this timeline of existence that can originate from the womb to the present moment.

Plus, you have to deal with other people’s energies, environmental energies, technology, and geopathic stress energies, which can all adversely affect your entire system, (mind, body, soul, aura & consciousness).

On top of all that, there are many different spiritual and energetic factors and forces that can interfere, cause or contribute to a variety of persisting health issues and life complaints.

Your energies run deep and are timeless. Spiritual Clearing work is truly important as it gets clear away the accumulation of adverse energetic stress that interferes with your body’s ability to heal, or your soul’s ability to create a fulfilling existence.

Your vital energy and creative power is often stuck/tied within unresolved emotional pain, karmic patterns, and limiting beliefs. This translates as the resistance and the issues you experience with your health and within your life.


Book a Spiritual Clearing with Joanne


To book a spiritual clearing appointment with Joanne, simply click on the payment box below. You will be automatically added to Joanne’s spiritual clearing waiting list, which is approximately one week from the time you make the payment. Once Joanne has received confirmation of your payment, she will email you to let you know when she will begin. Please allow, one to two days for her to respond.

Joanne’s spiritual clearing work is done in the same way as her distance spiritual healing treatments, expect that for a spiritual clearing, Joanne doesn’t focus on any physical health issue whatsoever, as she is purely focussed on clearing your energies.

Joanne doesn’t need to see you or chat to you on the phone in order to do your spiritual clearing. Joanne will contact you by email before and after your Spiritual Clearing with more info.

The payment is for ONE spiritual clearing only. Additional spiritual clearings are very beneficial for you. Read further along to find out more.

Additional Monthly Spiritual Clearings


Additional spiritual clearings are an excellent way to keep your energies vital and strong!

Spiritual Clearings are a wonderful way to continue to support any spiritual healing treatments you may have had with Joanne.

A spiritual clearing doesn’t address health issues and if this is what you are looking for, then you need to visit the appointment page to book a distance spiritual healing treatment.

A monthly spiritual clearing can help to clear your energy systems of the adverse effects of others, the adverse effects of your environment, and the adverse effects that are self-generated (the energetic charge of any worries, fears, anger, limiting beliefs, judgements, and negative mental pictures).

A monthly spiritual clearing is truly beneficial for your human soul, as it can help to prevent energetic overwhelm, emotional imbalance, fatigue, and a fuzzy mind.

When your energy is in a reasonable state of energetic balance, then your immune system is wonderfully supported. Regular monthly spiritual clearings is an invaluable investment in your vital wellbeing and life that you won’t want to pass up.



Think of it as Taking an Energetic Bath


It is important to clean your energy just like you would take a shower or bath to clean off the dirt and grime of the day. Each day we encounter many people’s energies, plus we visit different places where energies accumulate, plus we have new experiences that can knock us off emotional balance. The adverse effects of all this can be cleared from your body, mind and soul, to help prevent you from feeling weighed down, emotionally low, anxious and depressed.

This spiritual clearing service is invaluable for everyone, but especially so for energy workers, healers, therapists, psychics, mediums and channelers, who can take on adverse energies from their clients/patients, and from the unseen realms.

 As you begin to notice the beneficial results of having a spiritual clearing, you may want to book a monthly spiritual clearing to help keep your energies vital and strong. You will have more energy and greater creative power when you clear the resistance to your alignment with your Heart, Soul, Spirit and Source.


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