The Spiritual Healing Level Two Online Course


Spiritual Healing Level Two provides the healing student with a deeper understanding of their spiritual healing potential. Advanced creative healing prayers and more energetic techniques are included in this course. Plus, important information about working with clients and setting up your own spiritual healing practice.

The following list offers a sample of topics that the student will study in (SHL2).

Sample Synopsis of the Spiritual Healing Level Two Online Course 


  • Specific Creative Prayers for Physical Healing: (Understanding the many different factors that interfere, cause or contribute to illness, disease and pain)
  • Creative Healing Meditations: (To help keep your energies rebalanced, vital and powerful)
  • Spiritual Release/Clearing Prayers: (A greater understanding of how to clear, resolve and release EB attachments and other non-beneficial spiritual interference)
  • Chakra Healing: (Introducing a selection of chakra healing exercises)
  • Mediumship: (An online lecture by Jock Brocas about evidential mediumship and communication)
  • Spiritual Protection: (An online lecture by Jock Brocas about the importance of spiritual protection)
  • Clearing/Healing Discordant Energy: (Clearing non-beneficial agreements of the multidimensional soul)
  • Developing Intuition & Discernment: (Discerning divine truth from ego)
  • Energy Testing: (To help you be more specific in your healing work)
  • Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques: (A further selection of energetic rebalancing techniques)
  • Spiritual Healing Etiquette: (Guidance about setting up your own spiritual healing practice)


Exclusive Course Fee

The course fee for SHL2 is: $375

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