Surgery Complications Healing Testimonial 


My name is Kim,

I contacted Joanne Brocas for a distance spiritual healing treatment for tissue damage in my right thigh and for pain relief, due to an operation I had on my right knee.

After the first spiritual healing treatment, I noticed that the area that had tissue damage was now smaller and the pain and swelling in my knee eased. I was able to exercise my body as prior to this I found it difficult.

After a few more spiritual healing treatments from Joanne, I can say that I am so pleased with the results that I hardly notice it anymore. The numbness is still there to a lesser degree, but I am pretty sure the area is getting smaller. The nerve pain is almost totally gone. I do feel in my gut that the numbness will eventually go away over time.

Every night I go to Joanne’s Angel Prayers book, and say the Archangel Raphael prayer for healing. I feel such peace after that.

Thank you, Joanne for my healing. I truly feel that everyone needs to know about your healing work.

Kim Danielsson

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