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“Everyone of these testimonials received total resolution or improvements of their issues via my distance energy clearing/healing treatments. Location truly being no limitation. The “One Mind” concept means “instant energetic connection.” This is how energy clearing/healing treatments work!” Joanne Brocas

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“My son Leigh was critically ill in the ICU ward in hospital. Each of his organs began shutting down and he was on a breathing apparatus. The doctors told our family they didn’t hold much hope for Leigh. I started to pray and didn’t know what to do. After my prayer I checked my computer and one of Joanne’s testimonials popped up. I contacted Joanne straight away as I took it as a clear sign from God. After only 2 distance energy clearing/healing treatments, Leigh’s body stopped swelling, his organs began improving and he could breathe by himself. Leigh was not expected to leave the hospital for a long time, but Joanne intuitively felt and told me he would be leaving within 3 weeks. I did doubt this, but here is my son Leigh, leaving the hospital just as Joanne predicted he would 3 weeks later. Joanne Brocas is an exceptional healer.”

Pauline Speed, Mother, England, UK


“My right knee was very painful and swollen. I went to see a specialist who took X-rays, and I was added to the waiting list for knee replacement surgery. I contacted Joanne Brocas for help. Joanne did one distance energy clearing/healing treatment for my knee and within 24, hours, my knee was completely healed. I went back to the specialist, who upon further examination, confirmed that I no longer needed surgery. Joanne Brocas is a great healer.”

Paz Balzano, Business Owner, Wales, UK


I’ve reached out to Joanne Brocas on multiple occasions when I’ve needed spiritual help and guidance and she has always been there for me when needed. She truly cares and has a wealth of insight and healing knowledge. I highly recommend working with her if you are in need of a spiritual energy clearing/healing treatment. I also highly recommend reading her book “The Power of Angels”. 

Christopher Watkins, Musician, New York City, USA


“My neck was really sore for about three weeks and I could hardly move it. I was thinking of going to the hospital because pain medication and gel just wasn’t working and nothing was improving for me. I contacted Joanne Brocas for help. Joanne gave me one distance energy clearing/healing treatment and told me to give it 24 hours for it to process. I woke up the next day and the pain was totally gone. My neck feels great and I didn’t need to go to the hospital. After three weeks of pain, I am totally fine. Joanne Brocas is amazing.”

Dawn Hathaway, Hairdresser, Wales, UK


“I had chronic back and neck issues and had to periodically depend on narcotic pain medication and muscle relaxers for relief for more that 35 years. I’ve also had multiple back surgeries over the years and was told that I may need more if my condition worsens and my pain levels increase. Without any other lifestyle changes, Joanne Brocas gave me several distance energy clearing/healing treatments and I have greatly reduced my reliance on pain meds and muscle relaxers to the point where I now hardly use them. Joanne Brocas is a marvelous healer.”

Rob Jeans, Environmental Scientist, Florida, USA


I had excruciating mouth pain, due to a very stressful time in my life, l was suffering from repeated mouth abscesses and mouth pain. I had received medical treatment on numerous times and a lot of strong antibiotics, but l was still experiencing terrible pain and discomfort. I was struggling to eat and avoided social events. I contacted Joanne Brocas for help and advice. Joanne did a distance energy clearing/healing treatment for me and within days l started to feel better, and continue to feel better. I was even able to go out and enjoy a meal with my husband which I hadn’t been able to do. I really can’t thank Joanne enough for her help. She is fabulous.”

Karen Killer, Carer, Wales, UK


“We’d been trying to sell our house for quite some time and we were getting nowhere.
We had so many people not turning up for viewings, cancelling at the last minute or putting in really low offers. I was on a real low one day after another silly offer, and Joanne suggested getting a house clearing done. Joanne did a distance house clearing treatment for us and also made the house energetically visible to the right people/family and that they’d have the funds to buy it. Joanne’s words, “You have a probability of a house sale in 5 weeks” The house clearing was done on the 3rd of May and we accepted an offer on our home on the 30th May! The buyers signed the agreement on the 10th of June. All within the time frame Joanne had mentioned. I can’t recommend Joanne Brocas enough. Truly amazing.”

Pauline & Phillip Munro, Scotland, UK


“Joanne Brocas helped me with a long-running issue of terrible itching in my right ear, particularly when I was trying to get to sleep at night. It made falling asleep impossible for hours, and I would lie awake scratching and scratching until my ear felt swollen. Sometimes the itching woke me up in the middle of the night. I went to several doctors who could find nothing wrong, which told me it was a spiritual imbalance of some sort. Joanne worked with me over several months as this was a very stubborn problem which caused me anxiety-ridden, sleepless nights. It was torturous.

Finally, Joanne made an interesting association between my ear and my father and did a clearing of my connection with him. Since then I have had no itching, and I’m sleeping better than I have in a year. No one else but Joanne was able to help with this. She had the insight needed to uncover a well-hidden issue that seemed to arise from very deep in my psyche. With her healing talent and commitment to getting to the bottom of this strange malady, I am now completely relieved of the problem. I highly recommend Joanne—she’s the best!”

Joanne Bracken, Sound Healer, Maryland, USA


“I could conceive a baby just fine, but my pregnancy never lasted. The grief was awful, plus I still had a longing for a second child. I contacted Joanne Brocas for a distance energy clearing/healing treatment. Joanne was able to discern that my body held on to trauma energies/memories of a difficult cesarean I had on the birth of my first child. Joanne cleared the “shock energy” stored within my body and I soon because pregnant again. This time my pregnancy lasted full term. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I highly recommend Joanne Brocas.”

Hannah Insalaco, Healer, England, UK


“I had been suffering for a while with intermittent pain in my right hand side. My doctor sent me for a scan as he suspected it may be an ovarian cyst, but this was not the case. I was getting worried as the pain was coming daily, and so I contacted Joanne Brocas to book a distance energy clearing/healing treatment. Joanne Brocas did one distance treatment for me and within 24 hours of the treatment, I noticed an immediate improvement and the pain had subsided. Hours later it went completely never to return. Joanne Brocas is the real deal.”

Sharon Clegg, Mother, Wales, UK


“My wife Shirley contacted Joanne Brocas for me to have an energy clearing/healing treatment as I was in a lot of pain and still in the hospital one moth after having a gall bladder operation. I wasn’t able to go home until my blood count platelet level was up and I was truly fed up with being kept there. Within 24 hours of Joanne helping me, my pain reduced significantly, plus my blood count normalized with a few days. I was then able to leave the hospital. Joanne Brocas is a wonderful healer.”

Gareth Jones, Retired, Wales, UK


“I contacted Joanne Brocas on behalf of my daughter who is disabled with a degenerative spine. My daughter was having black outs between two to five times a day. The doctors think it is neurological and they say that they can’t do anything for it. They increased her blood pressure tablets, but it made no difference. I booked an energy clearing/healing treatment for my daughter. Within 24, hours of Joanne doing a distance spiritual healing treatment for my daughter, her black outs have completely stopped. She is also sleeping better than she has in years. Thank you, Joanne Brocas, you are a very special lady.”

Jean Purves, Mother, England, UK

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