Healing results often confound the medical world as
they have no clear explanation for a person’s sudden healing.

Some people received doctor’s examinations after their distance spiritual healing treatment and were given confirmation from their doctor that their specific condition had somehow healed. Scheduled knee replacement surgery was cancelled for one person due to a total healing of the knee. This was after only ONE distance spiritual healing treatment given.

A bone infection cleared and an open leg wound began to close within one week of receiving two distance spiritual healing treatments. This was after medical science, strong antibiotics, and other energy healing modalities had initially failed to help the young lady for over a period of one year. The young lady was bedridden in all this time and she often experienced chronic pain. Pictures were taken of the open leg wound before and after the distance spiritual healing, which clearly shows dramatic results happening within days of the first distance spiritual healing given.


These documented results offer excellent evidence of the astonishing power of Distance Spiritual Healing and Prayer.
Addiction breakthroughs, depression and emotional problems have also been very successful and often result in immediate positive changes taking place within a person’s state of mind, consciousness and disposition. Chronic pain has been completely resolved or dramatically lessened for many people, with either one or more distance spiritual healing treatments.
Nothing short of miraculous results for all those who were sick and suffering and who decided upon having some spiritual assistance to help them heal.
It is important to know that while not everyone receives a complete healing, most people do benefit from a distance spiritual healing by either experiencing a range of improvements, to feeling less stressed and more calm in their overall disposition and outlook. There are, and always will be, many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to an array of people’s health and life issues.
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