Christ Light Consciousness

A powerful aspect of our higher-self nature is our own Christ Consciousness, which is always in perfect harmony and alignment with the universal Oneness of the Christ Light Consciousness. This unconditional light illuminates our higher nature so that we can begin to awaken our material awareness to our higher-self and bring down more spiritual power from the light of our own Christ-self into our daily life. Amplifying the light within us is the answer to overcoming many of our earthly struggles and healing our health issues and physical complaints.

Amplify the Light Within You

Let the light of your own Christ-self take root within your consciousness to help you grow and expand the Christ Light within you, through you, and around you. When you focus on the light within you, then you will naturally amplify it and your vibration will begin to shine more brightly. The meaning of the term ‘shining brightly’ represents your awesome spiritual and creative power, your elevated vibrational frequency, and your expansion in consciousness. The easiest way to help amplify the Christ Light within you is to always move heavenwards in your thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors.

Upgrading Your Consciousness

It is very important to examine our consciousness and to resolve and correct any false and limiting belief patterns originating from our old stories of emotional pain that still interferes with all aspects of our life in the present moment. Therefore, the past, present and future are all inter-dimensionally connected, as each one impacts the other in their individual timelines. When we willfully choose to resolve and correct these issues, we will help to greatly improve our health, relationships, prosperity, creativity, joy and success as we move our consciousness into further harmony, balance and wholeness. Re-align our consciousness with divine truth and divine love – the divine formula of healing,God’s Grace, and healing miracles.

Soul Evolution

Bringing more of God’s divine truth and divine love into our consciousness is a lifelong and beyond time/space process. As human souls, we continuously mature and evolve our consciousness through our individual life experiences. We also evolve as a human race via our collective consciousness. We all exist at different degrees of consciousness and you only need to look around the world to notice the great diversity existing between all people and different cultures. Some human souls and cultures choose peace, while others choose war and terror.

It is the free will creative power of man that has caused all of the adveristies in the world, through their own limiting awareness; through their fasle belief and fear that they separate from God, and from other human souls; and through their own selfish desires. When these unenlightened and misguided souls eventually bring the light of their own higher-self nature into their waking consciousness, they will begin to awaken the Christ Light Consciousness within them and they will walk the path of light and continuously evolve their souls in harmony with Oneness, Unity, Love and Truth.

As Above/As Below

We must strive to expand the Christ Light within us so that we keep discovering, processing, living, and re-aligning with Divine Truth and Divine Love. The path of Light can lead us to co-design with the powers of Heaven (As Above/As Below), to bring the glory of Heaven to Earth, to be able to fulfil our deepest dreams and heartfelt desires.

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