The Healing Light Within

          There exists the most glorious healing light within you that holds the exact knowledge, intelligence and creative power necessary to help you overcome your persisting health issues. Many people still think that their vital health is dependent upon some outside source without ever thinking about the healing light and the creative force within them. Any treatment one receives from a helpful beneficial source outside of themselves is simply helping the healing light within them to take root and to do the job its divinely designed to do. You can help this healing light to take root by taking control of your divine authority and your power to heal.

When you work in harmony with your body’s creative intelligence, you will enable energetic shifts to take place and your body’s vital flow will be brought into greater harmony and equilibrium. Here are three important healing insights (of many) that are all interconnected to help you take back your power to heal, along with some metaphysical knowledge of the ages, and a powerful healing prayer.

Insight One: Discover the Energetic Root Cause

No matter how successful a particular treatment is for a person, a person often returns to some other kind of sickness or trouble if the root cause of the problem is not addressed. As spiritual and energetic beings, the root cause is often a spiritual and energetic one. Our mental energy and our emotional energy both play a vital role in working with our body’s creative intelligence and they can either bless our body with vital strength or weaken it depending on our dominant thoughts and feelings. Even when we are predisposed to certain physical health issues due to our genetic inheritance, we still have the unlimited creative power within us to overcome these weaknesses in our physical body make-up.

Insight Two: Ill Will is Misguided Creative Power in Action

Any ill will (negative thoughts, judgements, resentments, jealousy, hate, etc.) directed about the self or about others, will interfere with the vital flow of energy circulating around and through the physical body. It’s due to the compromised vital flow that causes energetic disfunction in the physical body, resulting in the outcome of dis-ease, aches/pains and illness.

Insight Three: It is God’s Will for you to Heal

It is always God’s Will for you to survive and thrive. The Divine Light of God exists within you as your own ‘Soul Spark’ and it works in perfect harmony with the body’s healing light, divine intelligence and creative force. The Spirit of God within you is far greater than any health issue you may currently be dealing with. Affirm: “The Spirit of God within me is far greater than (state whatever you are dealing with).”

Mental Breakthrough

You can release extraordinary creative power within your body through your mental energy and clear mental focus. The dynamic energy of positive and life affirming thoughts can deliberately create transformational energetic shifts in your body. The words you consciously speak and express through the avenue of prayer, positive affirmations, kindness, empathy, and through unconditional love, have and release unlimited healing power. You align with your authentic spiritual self and invoke greater creative power when your mind energy is in harmony with the power of Love.

Pray Your Way to Health

Here is a powerful transformative prayer with help from Archangel Michael, taken from my #1 Bestselling Book, Angel Prayers, to help you to help yourself. Also included is information about this extraordinary Archangel and the Divine Light Healing energy he embodies.

Breakthrough Prayer with Archangel Michael 

To help You Breakthrough Barriers that are Holding You Back 

“Archangel Michael, please light up my consciousness with God’s royal blue divine light frequency of His perfect strength, courage and truth. I allow the light of ultimate truth to help me breakthrough the barriers of any limiting patterns of thought, false beliefs and destructive behaviors that are holding me back from enabling the full creative expression of my soul. I allow the light of strength and courage to help me break free of any difficult ties and situations, so that I may receive a breakthrough into the light of new positive experiences. I willingly choose to address what needs to be faced, overcome and dealt with for my greatest good. Thank you. Amen. It is done!” 

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (He who is like God) 

Archangel Michael is probably the most famous and universally known Archangel of them all. His magnificent celestial body is the divine expression of God’s power, absolute truth and protection. He is depicted in great works of art as a mighty angelic being who carries a protective shield and powerful sword of light, often referred to as the ‘sword of truth.’ Some have called him a warrior angel because of his biblical reference to casting down the fallen angel Lucifer. Archangel Michael can help us to slay the fears of our shadow nature, to breakthrough our illusionary limitations with the power of God’s truth, and to overcome our weaknesses with divine courage and fortitude. The divine light power bestowed on this astonishing Archangel by God is truly remarkable and when we reach out to him for help, he will instantly intervene and guide us through our most ardent struggles and will divinely protect us in all our ways. 

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Bestselling Author of Angel Prayer

Joanne Brocas is a world-renowned healer, intuitive and the number one bestselling author of Angel Prayers. Visit Joanne’s website to find out more about Joanne, and her online classes, courses, video prayers, books and appointments. Joanne’s spiritual purpose is to help people to co-create with the Light, and to expand their unlimited creative potential so that they may heal in all their ways. Joanne



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