The Power of Angel Medicine

Energetic Exercises & Techniques to Activate Divine Healing


The Power of Angel Medicine is a wonderful divine support system for helping you to heal persisting health issues and life complaints. This inspirational spiritual book will help you to take charge of your energy to empower your health, life and creativity. The Power of Angel Medicine has been so well received that it has also been recommended by MBR book reviewers to be included in all community libraries for metaphysical studies/research.

The Power of Angel Medicine is published by New Page Books/Career Press

The Power of Angel Medicine is available to purchase from Amazon; Barnes & Noble, and all good bookstores.

Endorsements for Angel Medicine


C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

“I have studied Spiritual Healing for 45 years and have recorded over 100 miraculous proven cures. We all have angelic companions to assist us. I particularly like the exercises given in this book and encourage you to practice them!”

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, author of Energy Medicine, founder & CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine.


Larry Dossey, MD

“Angels have long been considered to be mediators between the Divine and human realms, standing ready to intercede for the benefit of humans. History abounds with accounts of angels coming to the aid of individuals during critical moments, such as during illness and crisis. Joanne Brocas’ The Power of Angel Medicine will help anyone understand and invoke angelic intercession, and draw closer to the Transcendent.”

Larry Dossey, MD, best-selling author of One Mind


Rev. Colin Fry

“My best wishes to the author of this book. I hope it helps the reader to understand to heal sometimes takes more than medicine alone.”

Rev. Colin Fry, Sunday Times best-selling author of By Your Side.


Karol K. Truman

“This amazing book by Joanne Brocas, will put a whole new light on the subject of angels for untold members of people! It will also give them more hope for present and future improvement in many areas of their lives. What a gift Joanne is sharing with humanity!”

Karol K. Truman, best-selling author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.


Theresa Cheung

“Thought I knew a lot about angels, as written my fair share of books about them, but this special book gave even me a fresh perspective. It was a healing and uplifting experience reading it and I know it will be a healing and uplifting experience for all those who read it.”

Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times best-selling author of An Angel Healed Me.