The Power of Angels


A higher power exists to help anyone who desires divine spiritual assistance in all areas of his or her life. It is God’s holy angels who work on behalf of this higher power to help bring you comfort when you are emotionally low, knowledge and insight to help you progress along your life path, healing when you are sick, and inspiration to help you achieve your greatest potential.

This fascinating book will enable you to explore all about the angels, and it will offer you several energetic exercises to help you activate angel power within your life.

The Power of Angels is published by New Page Books/Career Press

The Power of Angels is available to purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all good bookstores.

Featured in Publishers Weekly


The Power of Angels is a wonderful book that introduces the subject of how the angels intervene in our daily lives in many helpful ways. An insightful book that reveals the tangible signs and intuitive messages the angels leave for us as a helpful guide to comfort and support us in all our ways! (Joanne Brocas)

Endorsements for The Power of Angels


Penney Peirce

“Joanne Brocas gives us some much-needed help in experiencing angels, and asking for and receiving guidance from them. This book will help you demystify these beings and your relationship with them.”

Penny Peirce, best-selling author of Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way.


Jacky Newcomb

“Joanne has written a comprehensive book full of inspirational ideas to help you connect with your own guardian angel – beautifully written!”

Jacky Newcomb, Sunday Times best-selling author of An Angel By My Side.


Diane Goldner

“The Power of Angels is a lovely book. Reading it, I could feel the angels all around me. And they are still with me.”

Diane Goldner, bestselling author of A Call To Heal, and How People Heal.