Three Healing Steps to Abundance

To attract and create more abundance into your life what you need to know, is that it’s an inside job. By that I mean it’s a transformation of consciousness due to subtle, yet profound shifts in one’s own perceptions. A shift in perception can make all the difference to how we see and interact with the world around us in which we live. When we take the time to gently observe the areas of our life where we are currently limited and feel totally stuck, where we struggle or come up against resistance, then we can use my simple three-step healing process towards allowing in greater abundance.    

The transformative power of love is the force that brings healing change to our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and actions. When our daily thoughts are dominantly aligned to fear, lack and limitation, then the transformative power of love is missing. This is how we unwittingly separate ourselves from love – our true nature and in doing so we subconsciously feel guilt and shame. We unintentionally block our creative energy from flowing outwards without restriction. Our heart energy creates unnecessary energetic blocks which are typically manifested as energy walls of resistance that prevent us from attracting and creating greater good. Abundance is a free-flowing energy that has no resistance when in perfect harmony with the energies of love, generosity, gratitude, kindness, compassion and all of the high-vibe attributes of Spirit.  


The truth is that most people block their flow of abundance, which is simply an abundance of all of the good that the Universe has for them, such as – improved health, increased wealth, balanced and loving relationships, and true heart centered romantic love, Not to mention our work or social life that is aligned with passion and purpose. People block their flow of abundance in many different ways, and below I include three main ways, in no particular order as follows:

First Block: Ongoing resentment

Deep seated hurts create trauma energies. Our trauma memories continue to stir up energetic resonance of the pain we still carry if we aren’t willing to clear it and let it go. Resentment of others involved in our pain, or just plain ole resentment of others simply because they have something we want, but don’t have, will cause energetic disarray within our heart energy center and will hinder our ability to attract and create more abundance.

Second Block: Self-loathing

The second way in which a person blocks or interferes with the natural flow of abundance into their life is self-loathing. If a person judges themselves as being less than another and continuously compares themselves to others in a negative and judgmental way, where the other person is observed as being so much better than, will once more block a person’s heart energy flow and will create energetic walls of resistance that block the flow of good.

Third Block: Selfishness

The third way in which a person blocks or interferes with the natural flow of abundance in their lives is due to selfishness. In other words, an attitude of what’s in it for me? How am I benefiting? How can you or the world help me without me needing to give anything back. When the energy behind a person’s intentions is selfish based, then they unwittingly create shifts in their energetic vibration that matches their selfish intent. When a person has a needy or greedy energy, with little thought to helping or blessing others, or in adding Light to the world in some way through their own creative expression, then they hinder the free flow energy of abundance into their life.

My Three Step Healing Process

Use the following simple yet powerfully transformative three-step process to help clear your energy and create subtle shifts in consciousness, that overtime, can lead to profound yet even miraculous changes. Shifts that help to align you with the greater good of the Universe and to open your heart energy to give and receive love and abundance.

Step One: Observe any time you have a fearful or limiting thought. A fearful thought can easily become a negative word spoken and then turn into a non-beneficial behavior or action. Creation begins with your thoughts. Simply notice yourself when you are stuck in a negative or fearful thought and do so from a point of non-judgment. You are not to criticize yourself for having this negative thought pattern.

Step Two: Understand that your real nature is Love. God is Love and anything other than Love is therefore not real. In this sense, fear, lack and limitation do not originate from the Divine Mind of God, or Source, or Creator. They originate from the fearful collective consciousness of mankind. You have a free will choice to live in separation by turning away from love, or by choosing to return to love and the energy source of your true-self. This step simply asks you to understand that your real nature is Love and that Love didn’t create these thoughts. This contemplation is life changing.

Step Three: Clear the negative thought by sending it to the Light of Ultimate Truth. Simply say the following: “I send this (state exact fearful thought) to the Light of Ultimate Truth to be transmuted into Love. I willingly choose to return to Love. I allow the energy of abundance to flow to me and through me.”  

These subtle shifts in perceptions will begin to take energetic root in your consciousness for transformative changes to take place in your health and life experience. This path of spiritual growth requires you to be consistent. You have been given an easy yet amazingly powerful three-step process to help you and being consistent is the golden key to real change. It means that you take the time and the conscious effort (a few seconds) so that every time that you become aware of being stuck in low-vibe patterns, such as feeling resentful, being judgmental of self, others and the world, and being self-centered in anyway – you simply realize and understand that this does not originate from Love and therefore isn’t true for you. Remember that the energy behind these negative patterns blocks all the good that Love and the Universe has in store for you. It makes perfect sense to incorporate this three-step healing practice into your daily life.

Joanne Brocas,

Healer. Intuitive Energy Expert and the #1 Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers

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