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To help you become more receptive to a spiritual healing, it is important to gain a certain level of insight and understanding about how your own mindset, emotions and trauma memories can interfere with your body’s return to a balanced state of health and wellbeing. I have discovered that one of the main issues that can delay and block a healing, is long-term family disharmony.

Family disharmony is the result of discord and disharmony within your consciousness and therefore also within your physical body and life experiences. Any disharmony within any area of your life is simply a reflection of how your own energies and consciousness are vibrating and responding within you.

How do you feel: Hurt? Let down? Angry? Guilty? Hate? Shame? Fearful? Etc! These long-term feelings cause consistent discordant energetic charges within your body’s cells, which then affect your organs, tissues and systems in a non-beneficial way. The result of this upon the body can eventually be illness, disease, aches, pains and depression. The results of this upon the soul can be blocked creative expression.


Blocked fulfillment of your dreams

Did you know that long-term disharmony can also cause enough resistance within your overall energy vibration towards the fulfillment of your heart desires. You simply lack the soul power and creative energy to attract and create them.

Long-term disharmony can adversely affect the quality of your home environment, your family, your health, your relationships, your finances and your career and work life.


Are you ready to Heal?

If you are truly ready to heal then you are ready to receive a greater understanding of how you can help to resolve this problem.

To release the resistance to you overcoming your emotional pain, limiting beliefs and attitude about your family disharmony (or any specific disharmony you have), and to help you move forward in your life to creating your heartfelt dreams and desires, then your conscious mind needs a deeper understanding of how to heal.

People unwittingly block their own healing because they don’t understand the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual (karmic) resistance to their physical health issues and life’s complaints.

Part of your soul’s energy is deeply tied up in this situation with your disharmony and by the discordant energy you have upon your: (mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, partner, in-laws, other, etc.), and so you constantly feel the energetic effects of this discordant energy manifesting as: frustration, irritation, anger, blame, judgment, guilt, hurt, upset, shame, fear, worry, anxiety, depression, and all other low vibrational emotions and symptoms associated with it. These energetic charges create turmoil in the chemical balance of the physical body and nervous system, and you will probably have a long-term accumulation of them.

This weakens your soul power (creative power) to heal yourself and others, and to create a happy and fulfilling life experience.

If you are a healer yourself, then this is even more pertinent for you to understand because your goal is to help other people to move back into a state of spiritual and energetic harmony and balance. You will therefore also be unconsciously annoyed at yourself for not being able to heal yourself because a greater part of your soul understands that harmony in all aspects of your life is what ignites healing.


Underlying False Beliefs 

There can also be underlying false beliefs in your unconscious mind that God, doesn’t want to help you because you pray for help and yet you don’t receive a healing. Other unconscious false beliefs can be because you believe that you don’t deserve to be healed. A non-beneficial mental program can run within your consciousness that says, “I deserve to be punished.” How much pressure have you placed upon you human soul?

So, how do you begin to take soul-responsibility to help yourself rebalance and heal? The truth is that if you do take responsibility, you will heal. This is the very important spiritual message that I have for you. You now have to make a conscious effort to let go of all the pain, all the blame, all the hurt, and all the horrible things that other people may have done to you, and to let go of all of your judgments about them and about yourself, without the need to be justified in the way you feel.

The truth is that anyone else’s actions and behaviors are their business and therefore their karma. If they do unkind acts, horrendous acts even, then their soul has to deal with that. If you can understand this spiritual truth, then you will immediately begin to lighten the load you carry as you will immediately clear some of the adverse energetic connections shared between you. These connections keep you spiritually and energetically tied and bound. Plus, each time you think about the person(s) and/or situation, or you talk to others about it without moving on, then you keep unwittingly feeding it more non-benefical energies. What you focus upon simply amplifies and grows. Soon the issue within you is so big that you are always energetically fatigued and depressed.


Time to Heal

The message I have for you today is that you must do what you can to clear the disharmony held between you. This doesn’t mean that you need to be friends with the person, or that you even need to like them. You have free will to decide. It doesn’t mean that the person or situation won’t ever upset you again. It does mean however that you will be able to transform the adverse energetic charges that the discordant energy and the disharmony has within your body’s cells, heart and soul. This is exactly what you want to happen!

Acknowledge your feelings and beliefs that you had about this person(s), and/or situation, and be willing to finally let them go. This is the first and very important step towards you clearing and rebalancing your energy/health/wellbeing/life. You no longer need to suppress your feelings as you are ready to gain spiritual freedom from them.

Being willing, is the creative use of your free will and this will set energy in motion to help you release your discordant energies and disharmony. This is the first step. You have to be willing.

Next, get yourself quiet and relaxed and simply allow yourself to move into a state of spiritual forgiveness. Forgive yourself and let go of all judgement. Hand the situation over to God, or to who you feel spiritually aligned with. Release the person(s) or situation to the Light, so that the person(s) can continue on with their spiritual growth and development without being spiritually (karmically) tied to you, and so the situation can be released from you. People only ever react in horrendous ways from their own unresolved deep buried pain. This may help you to know that what they did came from fear and not from their true spiritual state of being. They were out of harmony with the Light of their own spiritual nature.

If you can’t forgive them, then don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself to do so. Simply be willing to let go of the person(s) and situation, and ask Infinite Love to help you do so. This is important for you to know that you don’t need to do it alone. Ask Infinite Love, God to clear all trauma energies resulting from this person/situation and to restore your soul power. You may need to do this several times over a period of days/weeks/months in order for you to finally feel within your heart/soul that you have gained a new level of inner peace. How do you know that it is working? You will know by your health, by your energy levels, by your increased levels of joy, and by your ability to move forward in your life to create and attract positive and beneficial opportunities and experiences. To create your heartfelt dreams. YOU WILL KNOW!


Helpful Suggestions 

During this time be mindful of what you think about and speak about regarding this situation. It is a spiritual law that what you focus upon will expand and grow. It is natural to want to complain to others about something that is bothering you, but herein lies the secret to your healing. Every complaint your express, every angry word said or spoken (no matter how justified you are in saying it), is blocking your healing, blocking your success, and blocking your happiness.

If you can begin to see your life experience (including every person in your life and every situation) as an external reflection of your internal energetic state, then you will know that by changing any disharmony within you (consciousness), then you will change the reflection of it in your outside world.

Every time someone brings this situation up, simply begin to change the subject. Even say that you have let your anger go and you do not want to focus upon them or the situation anymore and that you even wish them well (if you can). What you wish another absolutely impacts your soul. Same goes for what you silently think and feel about another.

You have a real opportunity here to overcome a great obstacle (soul challenge) in your life by understanding your part in this soul drama and to clear it. In doing so, you will be receptive to the Divine Healing Forces. Everyone heals unless they have something more to understand and learn from. Deep energetic wisdom reveals that everyone heals unless their soul needs greater understanding.

Everything you have read today is for your greatest good to help you clear deep energetic resistance to move forward in your life. By changing the way you observe and perceive things, you will begin to notice beneficial improvements happening for you, for your family, for your health, for your finances and for everything else.

It is through spiritual understanding that a person heals. It clears the energetic resistance.

Joanne Brocas 



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