What Drains Your Energy?

Many different factors and forces can interfere with our energy levels and our overall vibrational frequency, yet we always have creative control in how we manage and maintain our vital energy levels. When we understand the impact we have upon our own energy flow and energy levels, then we can begin to take charge of our energy in more appropriate and beneficial ways. One of the ways in which we interfere with our overall vitality is due to the way we manage our mental energy – our mindset. “Thoughts are things’ and each thought and image generates and creates an electrical charge that either supports us (if high-vibe and balanced) or weakens us (if low-vibe and imbalanced).

When our energy is in “overall balance,” then we naturally have increased vitality and greater creative power to be able to attract and create more fulfillment and joy in our lives. This is because “balanced energy” means we are emitting an overall “balanced vibration” so that we will begin to attract and create from a balanced perspective. Other balanced energies and ideas will spring forth from such a harmonious atmosphere. Our innate joy that’s a natural aspect of our true nature which already exists within us, will begin to emerge from within us via our heart/soul energies so that we feel more naturally joyful.

When our energy is significantly “out of balance” due to many different life stressors, then we not only drain our vitality, but we also limit our Soul’s creative power to be able to attract and create what we desire. In this sense, we can experience delays and setbacks in our manifesting. We may also experience degrees of fatigue and general tiredness due to us not having enough vitality to get us through the day. 

Here are some examples of how we mentally interfere with our energetic balance and drain our vitality!

  • Obsessing
  • Overthinking things and overanalyzing 
  • Refusal to let go of things
  • Complaining and blaming
  • Focusing continuously on what’s wrong in our life
  • Negative thoughts (low-vibrational thoughts)
  • Negative images (low-vibrational images from the imagination) 

Mental disturbances can create an energetic disconnect with our heart/soul energy that we begin to live in our heads and become stuck in the mental patterns we ourselves have created. Without our heart/soul energy in balance with our mental energy we then begin to forget about all of the things we have to be grateful for. Lack of gratitude in and of itself interferes with our overall vibrational frequency and combined with our limiting mental patterns will begin to create energetic disturbances that weaken our energy and drain our vitality.

The good news is that we are free to take charge of our energy and make beneficial changes straight away. How to we do this? We acknowledge that our mental energy can be brought into balance through making positive changes in our overall attitude, our thoughts, our imagination,  and our perceptions that we have about ourselves, others and the world. 

Begin today to take positive action daily through applying some spiritual and energetic practices and mindset shifts, such as these 10 Mental and Spiritual Keys:

  1. Daily prayers
  2. Affirmations
  3. Meditation
  4. Energy clearing
  5. Making a conscious shift of perspective from the negative to the positive by “rising above it” and seeing things “in a new Light”
  6. Taking responsibility rather than shifting the blame to others
  7. Being willing to understand another person’s point of view and to accept them for who they are without condemning them
  8. Expressing gratitude for our health and our life
  9. Being able to let go of the past, stop fretting about the future, and be present in the moment
  10. Instead of complaining begin blessing – we will soon notice that our stress lessens and our joy increases

All of these beneficial suggestions are the mental and spiritual keys towards us manifesting vital health, increased joy and greater fulfillment in our lives.

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Joanne Brocas
Author: Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Best-selling Author

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