There are many reasons for why some people heal and others have no improvements and don’t respond to instant healings. 

Often a more intuitive explanation is necessary from your heart/soul energy and the more subtle levels of your being. Understanding the mental and energetic discordance that are reflected in the body and life experience as persisting health issues and life problems will move you ever closer to resolving the root cause and attaining healing and life flow.  

Understanding the underlying message of your psyche can help to germinate golden seeds of healing light within your atoms, cells and consciousness, ready to take spiritual root to transform the issues and blossom into healing. 

Underlying issues do need to be addressed in order for them to be resolved. You will then begin to notice a beneficial difference in your vital health and wellbeing – ranging from minor to major improvements as you keep moving through the layers of resistance or you may even gain a complete and permanent healing.


  • What beneficial action can you take in your life that you’ve been putting off or are fearful about? Fear energy is often the clue to where you have some energetic resistance. 
  • Are you aware of any limiting attitude or behavior that could do with a complete overhaul? 
  • Do you regularly express and have any hurtful or negative opinions of yourself, of others, of situations and of the world?
  • Are you able to forgive yourself and/or others?
  • Examine the limiting dominant thoughts that play upon your mind, as they will be draining your vital energy and delay the flow of good that the universe wants to give you.
  • Do you need to restore more harmony to your daily life routine?
  • Set aside time for fun and creativity, time for relaxation, and time for some kind of spiritual practice that will nourish your soul. (Meditation/Prayer/Yoga/Other, Etc.)
  • Take some time out for regular exercise and movement (stretching).
  • Keep a good level of hydration as when you body is hydrated, it helps your energy to process transformational shifts.
  • Get enough deep sleep and relaxation.
  • Have a balanced level of nutrition. 
  • Keep the energy ‘high-vibe’ within your home environment. This will support your own personal energy fields.
  • Examine any areas of your life that you are lacking in sincerity. Any level of cheating (lying, stealing, or lack of truth) will slowly drain your vital energy because it is in exact opposition to your Authentic Spiritual Nature. It may not concern your conscious mind and you may believe it doesn’t impact you, however this will be a false belief on your part.
  • What can you do to give back to others or the world in some way (activating the universal law of giving and receiving)? You will begin to open the cosmic window for God’s supply to flow.

Your High-self has to work in harmony with your own FREE WILL, and with your current level of consciousness and understanding of WISDOM/TRUTH, or lack of it. Contemplate the questions and make any necessary mental/emotional shifts and beneficial life changes to help you move forwards in your return to vital health and abundance.

The truth is that there are many different factors and forces that can interfere, cause or contribute to your health issues and your life complaints. These questions listed above are just from your own self-generated creations. Contemplate them sincerely to connect with hidden aspects of your consciousness.

Other factors and forces can include:
  • Spiritual Interference
  • Psychic Interference
  • Energetic Attachments 
  • Non-beneficial Karmic/Soul Agreements 
  • Ancestor Trauma Memories & Genetic Inheritance
  • Past Life Trauma Memories 
  • Trauma Memories from this Life – Womb to the Present Moment 
  • Geopathic Stress & Environmental Factors
  • The Adverse Effects of Other People’s Energies – including Home/Work/School Environments & the Collective Consciousness. 
  • Plus, Much More!

This particular article however is more focused upon your own resistance to healing.

Be gentle with yourself while you keep a balanced level of patience in your return to vital health and abundance! 

As a healing expert, I intuitively help to discern a person’s underlying patterns of resistance that are interfering, causing or contributing to their health issues and life struggles.

Joanne Brocas, Healer, Intuitive, #1 Best-selling Author of Angel Prayers

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