Spiritual Healing Workshop with Joanne


Join Joanne Brocas, for an exciting ONE DAY spiritual healing workshop, where you will learn all about the astonishing power of spiritual healing in order to help yourself and others. You will be given practical healing exercises, energetic techniques and powerful healing prayers to help you improve and heal a variety of health issues and life complaints.

You will discover that the root cause of many people’s persisting health issues and/or life blockages can be found in other timelines of existence. Joanne explains how trauma memories and/or karma can be rooted in the ancestor timeline, or in a soul’s past life timeline. Joanne reveals how to clear these timelines through specific healing prayers.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account in regards to a person’s healing, is to make sure that they are free and clear of all spiritual interference. Joanne explains about earthbound spirits and other kinds, and how to release them to the appropriate levels of ‘Light’ for the greatest good of all concerned.

The truth is that there are many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to a variety of health issues and life complaints. Joanne will reveal many of these factors and how to overcome them in order to help restore your soul power. The more soul power you have, the greater your vital life force and your creative power will be. This means that your body will have enough power/energy to heal itself, and your soul will have enough creative power/light to laser through those specific areas of life resistance.

Joanne is passionate about her spiritual healing work. She teaches you how to understand the unlimited creative process of your soul so that you can take back your spiritual power to survive and thrive in this world!

Heal Persisting Issues


In Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Workshop, you will come to realize just how powerful you are in creating your own health and happiness. Joanne will guide you in how you can begin to do the inner healing work necessary in order for you to overcome any stubborn health issues and life complaints that continuously persist.

Joanne Brocas, has nearly three decades of healing experience and she is happy to impart this insight to you in an easy and basic format that you will be able to continuously use and further expand upon should you desire to continue along the spiritual healing path. Joanne offers Certificated and Accredited Spiritual Healing Online Courses should the workshop participant enjoy the experience and wish to develop their knowledge and skills further.

Sample Synopsis of Workshop


Assuming that you have read the astonishing distance spiritual healing testimonials posted on this website, you need to know that you can also do the same spiritual healing work for others and achieve similar results. I will show you how to align your ‘Light’ with the ‘Highest Forces of Divine Love and Light’ in order to help co-create powerful healing shifts for others.

In order for you to connect into the Highest Levels of the Divine Healing Forces, you will need to continuously clear and amplify your own spiritual vibration, which is what creates your soul’s unique frequency of ‘Light.’ I will teach you how you can clear and amplify your soul’s ‘Light’ for this purpose. It is important for you to understand that ‘Light’ equals ‘Creative Power.’ It is this creative power that will enable your soul to access the Highest Levels of Love, Light and Life in order to help heal.

Other than that, for you to further develop and progress as a spiritual healer, you simply need to show dedication and practice in order to co-create miracle healing results. To live your life as clean as you can in thought, word and behavior. To understand the spiritual healing laws, and to gain a level of spiritual wisdom that comes naturally through the awakening of your consciousness.


A basic understanding of the many different factors, forces and reasons that interfere with the healing process.

How you can begin to re-create health, happiness and prosperity.

The distance spiritual healing process and the use of specific healing prayers.

Energy healing techniques to help support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The healing of trauma memories and karma from all timelines. 

Spiritual Support (Aligning with your Divine Healing Team)


Hosting Joanne’s Spiritual Healing Workshop


If you would like to host Joanne’s spiritual healing workshop in your area, then all you need to do is to provide a minimum of ten paying students, plus the actual venue where it will be held. Joanne will then travel to you if the circumstances are right. You can email Joanne to request this.


Up-Coming Spiritual Healing Workshops


To book your place on any of these workshops, contact Joanne by email. The workshop fee is $125 per person. A deposit of $50 is payable via PayPal, to secure your place.

January 2018

Saturday 20th of January

Asheville, NC. (A venue to be announced near Weaverville)

9.30am to 5.30pm


February 2018

Saturday  17th February

Asheville, NC. (A venue to be announced near Weaverville) 

9.30am to 5.30pm


March 2018

To be announced


April 2018

To be announced


May 2018

To be announced


June 2018

To be announced


July 2018

To be announced


August 2018

To be announced


September 2018 

To be announced


October 2018 

To be announced


November 2018

To be announced


December 2018

To be announced

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