Clear Spirit Workshop with Joanne

One Day Spiritual Healing Workshop


This exciting one day spiritual healing workshop is perfect for all those people who are empathic and sensitive to energy and are doing all the right things, such as prayer, living from the heart and spiritual study, yet are still tired, drained, overwhelmed, fatigued and creatively blocked, which means limited joy, blessings, opportunities, and prosperity.

This important healing workshop can help to empower your immune system and restore the creative power of your soul so that you can truly begin to survive and thrive in your daily life.

You will learn how to spiritually clear yourself and others to become more vital, healthy, joyful and creative.

What You Will Learn



  • How to Clear Yourself and Others in a Variety of Ways
  • Prayers to Clear and Heal
  • How to use the Pendulum to Clear and Heal
  • Intuitive Energy Testing
  • Heal all Timelines of Existence (Ancestor, Past Life, This Life, Future)
  • Distance Spiritual Healing
  • Align with the Healing Field of Infinite Love
  • And More!


Hosting Joanne’s Clear Spirit Workshop


If you would like to host Joanne’s Clear Spirit Workshop in your area, then all you need to do is to provide a minimum of ten paying students, plus the actual venue where it will be held.

Joanne will then travel to you if the circumstances are right. You can contact Joanne to request this.


Up-Coming Clear Spirit Workshops


The workshop fee is $150 per person. A deposit of $50 is payable via PayPal, to secure your place.

To book your place on any of these workshops, simply contact Joanne and mention which one you are interested in.

Joanne will reply to your email within one to two days, with further details about this exciting one day spiritual healing workshop.

More Workshops & Events will be Added Here Later 

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